Namco Bandai Teases a New Wonder Momo Project

Talk about taking a dormant IP out of the woodworks! NamcoBandai has launched a new teaser website hinting at an all new project featuring Wonder Momo. The website has a silhouette image of the titular character along with the proclamation “Wonder Momo is Back!”. While it’s not 100% official yet, it’s very likely to be an all new Wonder Momo video game.

I suppose a good question on everyone’s mind is “Just who on Earth is Wonder Momo!?”

Wonder Momo was a Japanese arcade game which only really saw a home conversion on the PC Engine. The game was a side scrolling brawler starring a super hero magical girl named Momo. It had this cool premise where the entire game was really a theater performance (so Wonder Momo was effectively a character played by the actress you control). It was also one of the earlier games to have featured fan service.

An obscure cult classic from the late Eighties, Wonder Momo as a video game has never once officially left Japan (any kind of fan service would have been a big no in the Western gaming industry during the Eighties). Over the years she has made obscure cameo appearances in numerous video games and other forms of entertainment and media, with the original arcade game and PC Engine port being re-released for other formats in Japan only.

Regardless of whether or not this possible new sequel stays exclusive to Japan, it will be cool to see such an obscure IP  potentially make a big comeback in the current gaming scene. Kind of like how Kid Icarus made such a huge comeback in 2012 after being dormant for so many years.

Keep an eye on the teaser site for any developments, and have a gander at what the original Wonder Momo game looked like.