OUYA-Exclusive Soul Fjord Coming From Portal’s Lead Designer on January 28

The OUYA‘s lineup of exclusives has been lean for true must-play experiences, and while newer games like Hell’s Elevator and launch titles like Towerfall help bolster its lineup, owners of the system have felt disappointed by the lack of big-time games on it. One game that has had the system’s fanbase excited since it was first shown off was Soul Fjord. The initial thing that impressed people was that it was coming from Kim Swift, the lead designer of Portal. The next thing that struck people was the overall style of it. The game screams ’70s funk with a twist – you play as a viking with a giant afro. You’d think that subject would’ve come up in at least one blaxploitation flick, but it’s somehow a fresh idea. The game itself combines rhythm gaming with the white-hot roguelike genre. They’re two genres that seemingly wouldn’t fit well together, but everything shown of it so far makes it seem like they gel well.

While roguelikes have emerged over the past couple of years as a big deal on PC, they haven’t really been featured on consoles outside of the OUYA – which has a fairly robust lineup of them already. The system has no rhythm games of note, and that genre has tapered off a lot over the past decade. SF is set to make rhythm games fun again by not making it seem like you’re being punished for making a mistake. The core music will remain the same throughout, and you’ll just get a funky beat as a reward for doing well. The better you do, the less damage you take, and it allows the rhythm gameplay to blend in seamlessly with the roguelike elements.