Microsoft Unveils Special Titanfall Themed Xbox One Controller

There’s no doubt that Microsoft is using Titanfall as a pitch to gamers on the fence about purchasing Xbox One.  Even though its also releasing on PC and Xbox 360, Microsoft is clearly pushing the title for Xbox One.  This includes a brand new Titanfall themed Xbox One controller.

Xbox One Titanfall Controller Box

The controller was designed by Respawn Entertainment and is inspired by the C-101 Carbine used by the elite IMC Titan Pilots.  As an official Xbox One controller it will be wireless and sync with the console without having a USB dongle or needing to be plugged in.  Other than the unique paint job this is an Xbox One controller.

Alongside the premium paint job comes a premium price.  This Titanfall Xbox One controller will run you $64.99.  A regular Xbox One controller retails for $59.99.  It’s only a $5 difference, but those already dropping $500 for the console and/or $60 for the game might find that to be a bit much.  PC users will also find no use of this controller as Microsoft has yet to add PC support for the Xbox One controller.

Titanfall is out March 11 for Xbox One, PC and Xbox 360.