Xenogears PERFECT WORKS Fanbook Gets a Reprint

Fukkan, a prominent Japanese bookseller, announced today that it will be taking the initiative to reprint copies of the much adored Xenogears PERFECT WORKS fanbook this coming spring. The original publisher, Digicube, unfortunately folded some time ago and since then, the book has sold for an inflated penny due to the unfortunate events. If you’re wondering just what we’re talking about, let me take you down memory lane for a moment. PERFECT WORKS came out at the height of Xenogears’ fandom and acted as a compendium of references and information for all things related to the game’s complex plot. Naturally, it also consisted of a bunch of art that did not make it in the final game. Thus, it’s of little doubt that fans who failed to pick up the book during its first run will want to snatch up one of these reprints, as it will contain all the same content.

Regrettably, the book is only available in Japanese, but even still, it’s a beautiful piece of work that bears looking at and perusing if Xenogears is a game you cherish (like we go). Thankfully, there is robust and complete fan translation available on the old interwebs to help turn those tricky Japanese characters into English ones. Fukkan plans to start sell the new print this March. You can check out the company’s website if you’re looking to order it.