Final Fantasy VI Lands on Android, Everyone Cheers Gleefully

Back in 1994, if you would have walked up to me and told me that I’d be playing Final Fantasy VI on a cellular phone someday, you would have probably been arrested for breaking into a six year old kids room. Well, unless your name is John Titor and you have the cesium clocks to prove it. In which case, bring on the unusual companionship with my youngster-self. More importantly, though, that crazy Final Fantasy ranting that would have landed you in jail wasn’t all for naught. You see, Final Fantasy VI has indeed landed on Android devices, and there’s an iOS port on the way.

Exciting, isn’t it? Here are some of the mobile features:

  • User-friendly touchscreen controls and a revamped battle interface. This way, you don’t smash your phone against the face of some innocent bystander when playing on-the-go becomes intolerable due to shifty mechanics.
  • The magicites and events from the 2006 remake are bundled in, and have been optimized for the phone as well. Good, too, because there’s nothing more frustrating than knowing that there’s content you can’t play just because of your choice of platform.
  • Mog will help players who can’t figure out what to do next. I hate to be “that guy,” but I don’t recall FFVI being particularly difficult. I don’t know, maybe I just don’t completely suck at gaming bruh.
  • Revisit events and story content with the album feature. Nothing like being allowed to easily replay content without the hassle of starting a new game for the third time. Thankfully, it works wonders. Unfortunately, I’ve already played it.

If you haven’t enjoyed the epic game that is Final Fantasy VI yet, or you’re simply hankering for an RPG that isn’t terrible, you should consider this an open invitation. It’s $15.99, but there’s enough content to justify that price tag. What are you waiting for? Go escape from the Empire’s clutches!