Apple and Samsung Dominated The Smartphone Market in Q4

Game hardware and software sales aren’t the only things that the NPD Group tracks.  Included in there is Smartphone sales, and the most recent report for Q4 is out.  Surprise, surprise, both Apple and Samsung are dominating the market.

Apple’s iPhone 5S and 5C phones, which were released right before the beginning of Q4 2013 looked to have been extremely successful.  iPhone ownership saw a major spike from 35% in Q4 2012 to 42% in Q4 2013.  Apple is obviously leaps and bounds ahead of everyone else, but Samsung is no slouch in this market.  Samsung’s popular Galaxy phones saw an increase from 22% last year to 26% this year.

LG was the only other company to see growth, though it is minimal.  Everyone else actually saw a decrease in consumer ownership.  HTC, Motorola and Blackberry all had dramatic decreases.  Even the ‘Other’ category, which most likely includes Sony and Nokia, also found a decrease.  It seems plenty of people are abandoning these hardware manufacturers for iPhone and Galaxy.

Many of these companies showed up at CES a week ago to show off their latest phones.  Samsung won’t announce the Galaxy S5 until sometime this Spring.  Rumor has it that Apple could launch the iPhone 6 as early as May to better compete with the S5.