Telltale Pulls Wallace & Gromit From Distribution

Aardman Animations, known for their exquisite work with the family friendly, stop motion clay cartoon, Wallace and Gromit, have run into some trouble with their gaming outlets as Telltale Games announce yesterday that they will no longer be selling “Wallace & Gromit: Grand Adventures.”

According to Telltale, the game has been yanked from all digital sale distributions as a result of a contract expiration between them and the game creators at Aardman Studios. Gamers who have already purchased the game for Steam, iOS, Xbox 360 or from Telltale online store are able to retrieve their copy by following the steps provided.

The relationship between the two companies doesn’t seem to be strained. This was a clear-cut case of a contract that no longer had any effect. This could also give Aardman Studios an idea to start planning for something new as “Wallace & Gromit: Grand Adventures” turned out to be a great game that speaks to fans of the clay cartoon series.