Fabulous Phoenix Wright Case Will Defend Your 3DS XL From Wear, Tear, Spurious Murder Charges

The Ace Attorney series is no stranger to awesome swag, but very little of it ever leaves Japan. I would kill – like, for real, straight-up murder someone with a gun – to see the world through these badass glasses, for instance, but tragically, even if I were to import them, they’d be too small for my inflated western cranium. Heck, we only saw the last game as a digital release, and Ace Attorney Investigations 2 seems to have skipped over us entirely. Sometimes, though, Capcom pulls through for us fans. TAKE THAT!


Capcom-Unity’s Chris posted today about a slick new Ace-Attorney-branded 3DS XL case. The back features a bold OBJECTION! bubble, allowing you to express disagreement without putting down your DS or speaking, while the front features a styling, minimalist design inspired by Phoenix’s trademark suit and tie. This is the same design featured on the leather carrying-case that came with the e-capcom only special edition of Ace Attorney 5, and while it would have been nice to get that and the fancy statue (for you guys, I mean. I imported it), this case will make a solid addition to any hardcore fan’s collection. It’s up for preorder now, and I’d suggest snapping one up before they’re all gone.