Namco Bandai Becomes Most Powerful Game Company In Japan

Just like other countries Japan ranks all of its companies at the end of the year.  The results are compiled in Toyo Keizai’s Corporate Power Ranking list, which ranks companies based on growth, profitability, safety and scale.  Each category is given a score between 500-1000 with the sum being compared to other companies to decide on the rank.  A total of 2000 companies were ranked.

A bunch of game companies are included on the list and, surprisingly, Namco Bandai has emerged as the most powerful game company in Japan.  The house of Tekken and Soul Calibur saw a huge jump from last year outpacing Sega and Sony who were the most powerful companies in Japan last year.

Nintendo crumbled.  The bad news of the financial forecast and the manufacturers inability to sell the Wii U saw it fall from the 219th position last year to the 1647th position this year.  This is the latest amount of bad news for Nintendo in just a few short days.

Due to there being 2000 companies on the list and the fact that this is a gaming website we are just listing the game companies.  You can find the full list here.

  • Namco Bandai – 126 (Last Year – 442)
  • Broccoli – 157 (Last Year – Not Ranked)
  • Nihon Falcom – 173 (Last Year – 215)
  • Sony – 292 (Last Year – 163)
  • Capcom – 318 (Last Year – 701)
  • Sega – 363 (Last Year – 133)
  • Marvelous AQL – 363 (Last Year – Not Ranked)
  • Tecmo Koei – 390 (Last Year – 451)
  • Konami – 567 (Last Year – 355)
  • Nintendo – 1647 (Last Year – 219)

Thanks, Dualshockers!