Sony Launches PS Vita PLAY 2014 Tomorrow

Just as Microsoft has Summer of Arcade, Sony has their PLAY program. The main difference between the two is that PLAY can happen at any time, demonstrated today as Sony has announced they will be launching the latest iteration tomorrow. This time things will be a little different mainly because, not only is there a focus on Vita games, but one of them is a full fledged retail release that really stands out among the indies titles.


As you can see, Dragon Ball Z: Battle for Z is out of place in the bunch, especially considering it costs more than the other three games combined. As before, if you buy two, three or all four games, you will receive $3, $6 or $10 in credit back, respectively. This makes it a little harder to recommend getting all four, but if you’re looking forward to Battle for Z, then this might not be a bad deal.