Boulder Dash 30th Anniversary Announced, Reunites Original Creators

It’s been a long time since Boulder Dash has been released — thirty years in fact. But in the time since 1984, it’s certainly not been a game lacking for sequels. Indeed, there’s been around twenty official ones on nearly every platform conceivable. So why is the newly announced Boulder Dash 30th Anniversary Edition notable? Because it’s the first time that original creators Chris Gray and Peter Liepa have been reunited since the first game.

Boulder Dash 30th Anniversary will stray true to the classic gameplay, but feature new elements. The game boasts over fifty new levels with advanced physics, never-before seen worlds and creatures with 3D elements, new multicolored gem combos/powerups/collectibles, Dash Mode, the Cave Editor for the first time since 1986, both female and male characters (Rockford and Crystal) and Cave packs featuring new worlds, additional creatures and features available as in-app purchases.


The game is also the first Boulder Dash to ever include diagonal walls and movement and was developed in Unity. A freemium game, Boulder Dash 30th Anniversary will be released on iOS and Android in the first half of 2014. A PC and Mac release will follow.

Check out screenshots below: