Former Call of Duty, Titanfall Devs Announce ‘To The Death’

Former developers at Infinity Ward and Respawn Entertainment have formed together to create Scary Mostro.  Today they have announced To the Death, their first project and have taken it to Kickstarter for crowd-funding.

To the Death mashes several genres together to create its own identity.  As a blend of beat-em-up and shoot-em-up genres, To the Death sees players exploring the world of the Crawl alternating between two different warriors who have killed each other and now want to destroy each other in death.

The Crawl is a dynamically changing world that the warriors fight in.  Conquer and discover new levels by defeating wave of enemies that will change each time you play.  You will have full control of where you swing, shoot and defend giving you ultimate precision.  The fight can be also taken online or through split-screen Co-Op with a friend to make the game even more dynamic.

To the Death is currently announced for release on PC, Mac and Linux through Steam.  Scary Mostro is seeking $400,000 to help with the development and has a working prototype to show they’re legit.  PS4 and PS Vita versions are possible, but only if the Kickstarter hits $750,000.  You can check out their Kickstarter page right here.

Check out To the Death in action below: