Xbox 360 Games on Demand Sale Begins – Many $5 Offerings

It’s a new week for an Xbox Live Games on Demand sale, and with it come some major savings on 360 hits. MS is easing people into the world of digital gaming with a ton of deals. Dark Souls can be yours for $5, while D&D: Chronicles of Mystara is only $5 as well. An even better deal is the JRPG Tales of Vesperia, which we’ll be covering in an upcoming staff-wide feature that focuses on the 360’s entries in the genre. It normally sells for $25 in physical form, but can be yours for $5 here. Final Fantasy XIII-2 is $7, while The Witcher 2 is $10 and CoD: Ghosts is $40. Seeing a CoD game drop so quickly in a digital form on consoles is a bit of a surprise, but sadly, that price only extends to the 360 version — the Xbox One digital version is still $60.