Zombeer Trophies are Surprisingly Explicit

Today Sony revealed the trophy list for the upcoming title, Zombeer. As the name might suggest, Zombeer is a colorful mix between zombies, liquor and erotica. While most of the trophies are your standard fare, some of them get a little out there. For instance, there are apparently “men in thong” statues to collect and apparently you’ll always have a dildo handy. If this sounds like a game for you or just want a cheap laugh, then you can find the full trophy list below:


I survived!
Finish the game in Easy difficulty
My hero!
Finish the game in Normal difficulty
Find all the developer diaries
Ay Ay Ay!
Find all the “men in thongs” figures
Find all the cover pages of Jessica
Willy’s plan
Get all the sniper rifle parts
Grind up three zombies in the turbine
Crush the president in the stadium


“I got this…”
Complete the game without getting zombified or drunk
Treasure Hunter
Find all the collectibles
Heavy Metal Man
Complete the game on Hard difficulty


Good Vibrations!
Complete the game using only the dildo