Dead Rising 3 Ships 1 Million Units

Dead Rising 3 has been heavily promoted by both Microsoft and Capcom has a must-have Xbox One title.   Exclusive to Xbox One, Dead Rising 3 was to showcase how an open-world zombie game could work on the more powerful next-gen hardware.  Reviews for the game were generally good.  However, sales may not be all that high.

Capcom has revealed that they have shipped 1 million copies as of December 20, 2013.  The total could possibly be higher.  The publisher also notes that the entire Dead Rising franchise as a whole has shipped 7 million units worldwide.  The one figure missing is the actual sales numbers.

Do remember, shipment numbers means that Capcom has sent a total of 1 million copies of Dead Rising 3 to retailers.  This does not mean that 1 million units have been sold to consumers.  Based on this it is presumed that Dead Rising 3 has not achieved 1 million units sold as of yet.  It could be close, but not at that milestone just yet.  Capcom will continue to support the game as Xbox One sales increase through DLC.

Dead Rising 3 is out now exclusively on Xbox One.