Dice Did Their Homework: Battlefield 4 Maps Very Similar To Real World Locations

Dice and EA have been getting a lot of flak recently for Battlefield 4’s troubles.  However, Dice does deserve a lot of credit.  Underneath the problems is a very good game that has been painstakingly created.  These include the maps, which are based on real world locations.

Imugr user SuperJoeBros has compiled a collection of images of locations that all of the maps are based on.  And yes, the maps are eerily similar to their real world locations.  Obviously some creative liberties were taken by Dice to better suite a multiplayer game.

The Golmud Railway is a large plain with a train intersecting the map at the halfway point.  Part of the battle is for opposing teams to use the train as a remote command post to drop in allies from.  The map is based on the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, which passes through the city of Golmud.

Lancang Dam has players vying for control in front of a dam.  On one side of the dam is a research center and the other side a construction site.  This map is based on the Xiowan Dam.  Liberties taken include adding the research and construction areas.

Paracel Storm, the stormiest of all the maps, is based on the Paracel Islands.  The islands on the map have been heavily altered to be closer and within swimming distance.  There are also a distinct lack of military installments on the real world islands.

Rouge Transmission features a huge aperture telescope in the middle of the map set in a huge plain.  In the real world this is called the Arecibo Observatory.  Dice got the whole telescope right, however rather than being surrounded by a plain like in-game, its actually surrounded by a forest.

Siege of Shanghai is set among skyscrapers.  This is the map that Dice had to take the most liberties with in order not to offend the Chinese government.  The map features players destroying a huge skyscraper.

Pretty neat stuff and its cool to see how close Dice was to the map’s real-world counterparts.  Battlefield 4 is out now on PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.