No Man’s Sky Concept Art Pieces Released

Ever since their initial trailer release of “No Man Sky” late last year during Spike TV’s 2013 Video Game Award show, Hello Games is slowly becoming one of the most interesting game developers on the planet. Via release by Edge Online today, the devs look to fester up some more excitement for the title with some new concept art that greatly mirrors the aesthetic of the trailer.

Aside from the awesome aviator gameplay, “No Man’s Sky” looks absolutely breathtaking. From the inverted color scheme of the trees, ocean and, of course, the sky, the title is nothing short of eye candy.

The concept art released today is hugely telling of Hello Games’ cosmetic intelligence and process of the game. A lot of the art pieces here play with dark color schemes by joining an obvious harmony of grey and black and gives us a giant, grandiose insight into just how massive the planets really are. Other color schemes of pink and turquoise are dabbled with as well. Evidence of dinosaurs in one picture could indicate that players could be traveling into an interesting mesh of a prehistoric world with advanced technologies.

Peep some of the “No Man’s Sky” concept art below. Of course, you can check out all 17 of them here.