Codemasters Weekend Sale Hits Gamersgate

Gamersgate has an incredible deal for racing fans. The Codemasters Weekend sale lets you save up to 75% on a ton of top-shelf games. It takes the price of GRiD down to $5, while GRiD 2 is only $7.50. DiRT 3 is $6, while F1 2012 is $8.50. F1 2013’s classic edition is $22, and the Overlord Complete Pack is a hair under $7. Clive Barker’s Jericho is under $2, and Damnation is $3.40. More racing deals include DiRT Showdown for $7.50, F1 Race Stars is also $7. A bunch of GRiD 2 DLC is under $2 instead of $5 or more, so if you pick that up in this sale, be sure to take a look at those offerings. Codemasters has created some of the best racing games out there over the past decade, so at least pick up GRiD and check out a DiRT game if you loved the Sega Rally or Rallisport Challenge games.