Humble Weekly Roguelike Sale Begins

This week’s Humble Weekly Sale is a must if you’re either a fan of roguelikes or have been looking to get into the genre. You can pay what you want for three games – Hack, Slash, Loot, Dungeons of Dredmor Complete, and Paranautical Activity (which is in early access). Those who spend $6 or more get The Binding of Isaac and its Wrath of the Lamb DLC, Teleglitch: Die More Edition Guns and Tunes, and Sword of the Stars: The Pit – Gold Edition. Everything but Hack, Slash, Loot comes with an OST.¬†Everything in the bundle can be played on a PC, Mac, Linux, and activates on Steam – except for Sword of the Stars, which lacks either a Linus or Mac version. The games available here are a bit slower-paced than some roguelikes, making it less newbie-friendly than something like Legend of Dungeon, but maybe that will be thrown in as a bonus game.