Indie Royale Debut 9 Bundle Launched

The ninth installment of the Indie Royale Debut Bundle has just gone live. For the present minimum of around $4, you can get half a dozen games right now and an additional one down the line. The games included are Airship Dragoon, Little Trus Man, Sky Nations, Dark Gates, Chronicles of a Dark Lord: Episode 1, and Inescapable. Of them, Inescapable seems like the most must buy-worthy game, especially if you’re a fan of exploratory action-platformers. It’s probably the most accessible game too since everything else is a fringe game to some degree, with air-based strategy, overhead RPG gaming, and some puzzle gameplay to tinker with in the other games. Everything included is playable with Desura, and is on the Steam Greenlight system now so if a game is on that service, you’ll get a free code for it down the line.