Capcom Looking to Hire 500 Developers within Next Five Years

In a note to investors, Capcom CEO Kenzo Tsujimoto outlined a five-year plan wherein at least 100 new developers would be hired each year. The plan, which was conceived in June 2013, is a response to the financial disappointments of the current fiscal year, which ends March 2014.

“I want to build a development framework that can put the right people in the right places. This process will reflect an understanding of what consumers want and what types of products have become hits,” Mr. Tsujimoto clarified. “I plan to hire at least 100 software developers every year to give us an even more powerful development workforce. Furthermore, I want to establish clear targets for these developers so they can help make Capcom even stronger.”

The plan also includes improvements to marketing strategies for DLC, mobile, and online platforms.