Lara too Pretty to Bleed? Violence Toned Down In “Definitive” Tomb Raider

There’s been a lot of controversy over whether or not Tomb Raider: The Definitive Edition is a worthy project. Crystal Dynamics tried to quell the backlash against Square Enix charging a full $59.99 for the next-gen re-release by basically saying “because the game is awesome” (a statement in which we did agree with), but not everybody has been too keen on the look of the game itself. Although Crystal Dynamics has stated that a lot of development went into crafting the next-gen version with additions for the aesthetic, physics, particles lighting and more, some have taken issue with the clear altering of Lara’s character model. We’ve put together a screenshot comparison post for you to check yourself, but one thing that has clearly changed with the new versions of the game is the toning down of violence.

One of the most noticeable examples of this comes around halfway through the game when she’s ganged up on and restrained by a couple of thugs. In the PC version, Lara is bloodied and bruised with a gash on her forehead and possibly a black eye. In the Xbox One and PS4 versions, however, the blood has been completely removed from her face, with just trace scratches left on her arms.

Here’s a comparison (click for larger versions):

Original (PC):


Definitive (PS4):

While there’s not a lot of of times in the game where Lara is visibly bloody (at least from being hurt, not falling into it), we noticed it on a few other occasions as well. It’s unclear what spurred this decision as both versions of the game are rated Mature and Crystal Dynamics has not mentioned removing it, but it’s an interesting case of apparent censorship in the “Definitive Edition” of the game.

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