Metroid Meets Crysis in ReVeN, Now on Kickstarter

Here at Hardcore Gamer, we like to keep you appraised of cool Kickstarters. Skyrim meets Chivalry sounded like a good pitch to us, and 300,000 pounds worth of the internet agreed. Today, another intriguing campaign has cropped up in ReVeN, which, I swear, is interesting for reasons other than its bucking of conventional capitalization. It’s a side-scrolling, Metroidvania game that borrows its story from Dead Space and, intriguingly, the energy-management mechanic from Crysis, allowing you to adjust your shield and weapon power, mobility, and sensor range on the fly. There also seem to be some light mining and crafting mechanics to encourage exploration. If you’re interested in a more open, slightly spookier Metroid, head over to the Kickstarter page and pledge away.