NEO XYX Goes Gold on Sega Dreamcast, Out Next Month

Great news for those with a Dreamcast still plugged in and didn’t want to spend around $500 purchasing the game on Neo Geo hardware, as NEO XYX has gone gold on Sega’s most current console. Developed by NGDEVTEAM, the shoot ’em up will be released in mid-February in various packages. Features include 16-bit hand-drawn graphics, four screen modes — Arcade, Horizontal, Vertical and Vertical.S (vertical with scaling) — six stages, six endbosses, 5 midbosses, all on a professionally packaged and printed CD. The region free game will support multiple Dreamcast accessories including the VMU, VGA, S-Video and RGB at 240p as well as the original pad or arcade stick.

The game comes in three flavors: a Regular Edition retailing for 34,00EUR, a Limited Edition retailing for 46,00EUR and a Collector’s Edition retailing for 99,00EUR (approximately, $46.50, $63 and $135 in US currency, respectively, at time of writing).

Head over here to pre-order and watch the release trailer below: