Remembering Justin ‘JewWario’ Carmical

Video games are a great source of joy and while some people make a career over analyzing or being angry, there was one man who always seemed like he enjoyed playing what he loved. Justin Carmical, also known as JewWario, made his name with his series “You Can Play This,” where he reviewed Japanese import games on various systems since 2009, and even provided easy to understand guides to get around daunting stuff like menus; showing, even with the language barrier, anyone can enjoy them with little knowledge of the Japanese language.

Unlike video reviewers who make it their thing to be as angry as possible while playing bad games or to be overly critical on the current releases, Carmical showed enjoyment in everything he did and always made it entertaining and informative.

When not producing videos on his channel, Carmical also worked with “That Guy with the Glasses.” He’s been referred to as a “ gentle giant” and the kind of guy who anyone who’d met him would’ve wanted to hug him.

Sadly, Justin apparently also suffered from depression, although it was never obvious in any of his videos or through other people, many of whom said he was one of the nicest guys they’ve ever met.  Unfortunately, he took his life at the age of 42 on Thursday, January 23 at home.  His wife, who was with him at the time, broke the news of his tragic death.  It’s a such shame to lose someone who showed happiness and joy in all that he did, but carried such a burden for so long.

May he rest in peace and our condolences to his wife and family and everyone who worked with him at Channel Awesome. Gaming has lost one of its “unsung heroes.”

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Justin Carmical
April 11th 1971 – January 23rd 2014