Cosmochoria Plants Itself in Steam’s Greenlight Galaxy

Cosmochroria is a game in very early development that just landed on Greenlight, complete with a lovely trailer.  You’re a naked guy with a space helmet seeding planets to bring life back to the galaxy, flying through space by jetpack while shooting flying saucers and dragons.  The galaxy is randomized each game, enemies poop crystals when defeated which you can spend to upgrade your abilities, and you can build pyramids on the planets to shoot down enemies while you plant seeds.  There is no part of this game that doesn’t sound completely awesome.

It’s still in pre-alpha at the moment, so there’s no way to have an informed opinion on anything in the video below, but there’s still a few neat bits in there to take away.  It doesn’t look like naked-helmet-guy takes damage at the moment, for example, but that’s bound to change.  Planets seem to only have gravity to the edge of their atmosphere, at which point you can free-flight using the jetpack, but there looks to be a fair amount of inertia, so control looks like it will be based on short, careful bursts rather than high-speed agile maneuvering.  Or maybe one of the promised upgrades is a super-zippy rocket pack.  There’s a lot to learn about the galaxy of Cosmochoria, and we hope to have a lot more solid information on it soon.  In the meantime, the trailer is a pleasantly strange way to use the next two minutes.