Jonathan Blow Announces The Witness Will Receive VR Support

Jonathan Blow, brilliant independent game designer and developer of the upcoming game The Witness, announced on his site yesterday that The Witness will be receiving VR support. After voicing his initial reservations about VR in general, he goes on to say that he was so impressed by Valve’s virtual reality system that he has completely flipped on his previous stance and subsequently worked with Valve to get support for The Witness. According to Jonathan:

“It is so much better than anything else I had used that I was instantly very excited by it. Right away I could see games you might design for this system that had been impossible before; so it isn’t just a matter of the system being very immersive (which it is) but that it can take video games in general to a new place.”

People were already excited for Blow’s follow up to indie darling Braid, and jumping aboard one of the hot new technologies can only help him. It is worth reading the whole blog post and the comments underneath, because Jonathan goes into detail about what he thinks about virtual reality and how it will impact the future of gaming in great detail. Whether or not virtual reality will add anything to The Witness specifically remains to be seen, and we just hope that this new focus on VR will not add extra development time to one of the most anticipated upcoming indie games.