This Ratty, Unreadable NES Cartridge Sold For $100,000 on eBay

Collectors of rare video games pounced today when eBay user muresan started an auction for the NES game Nintendo World Championships. The label was torn, the cartridge in bad shape, and the guy had the gall to ask for $5000 for it. For $5000, you can go out and buy everything that has been released for the PS4 and Xbox One, and have enough left over to go out and buy an equal amount of Wii U’s that have been purchased in the US this year. Or, you could go out and buy this one NES game that some kid erroneously scrawled the word “Mario” on in pen and then probably never play it or look at it again. Smart collectors the world over knew exactly what choice to make.


Oh wait, it turns out they went with the crazy choice. A bidding frenzy ensued on the cartridge, and it ended up selling for nearly $100,000 which is more than enough to buy a house in many parts of the country. The good news is that it comes with free shipping, which is great for the wealthy maniac on a budget. This is now the highest selling game in the history of eBay, and I remind you it looks like the seller dug this out of their flooded basement just a couple of days ago. Additionally, there is no way to verify the cartridges authenticity currently as they were numbered on the label itself and this one has been torn off, although the seller promises that with the right forensic team you should be to deduce the number after they finish laughing at you for wasting their time. While his reputation on eBay is quite good, I have a hard time figuring out who has this sort of disposable cash to drop on an NES game they most likely will never play and are doing so before the cartridge can be authenticated. It is just several different kinds of crazy, but I guess rabid collectors are just a breed of creature I will never fully understand. I’ll go back to my Steam library with over a hundred games I purchased for roughly $42.50 and a bag of Cheetos.

Time to dig around in your old NES collections, I guess. It is highly unlikely you have this hiding somewhere in your garage, however, as only a limited edition were made during the first printing and those were only given out to finalists for the 1990 Nintendo World Championships. However, if you happen to have been part of that event (or perhaps remember mugging a kid that was) this might be a good time to flip your cartridge if you’re looking to make a quick hundred grand. And, if you were careful enough to keep that label intact, there’s a good chance you can sell it for more money than most small countries are worth. Or you can send it to us here at Hardcore Gamer, and we promise to store it for safe keeping.