CAVE Interactive Halting Western Presence

CAVE Interactive, the studio responsible for several of last generation’s best shoot-em-ups, announced that it will no longer have dedicated venues for interfacing with its English-speaking audience. Beginning February 28, 2014, both its English-language blog and Twitter account will be shut down. Information about its games will instead be made available solely via Japanese channels.

The move comes after the departure of key staff, like studio head of development Makoto Asada and COO Mikio Watanabe, and the company’s recent plans to instead focus on mobile and social software.

Hopefully the move doesn’t mean the end of CAVE bringing its games to Western shores. The studio previously ported some of its more popular titles, like Akai Katana, Deathsmiles, and Espgaluda, to the Xbox 360 and iOS devices. Deathsmiles 2X was even released stateside untranslated, so that might be one reason to remain optimistic.