Metal Slug 3 Launches on Steam in Closed Beta

It’s amazing that it’s 2014 and classic Neo Geo titles still aren’t on Steam. After all, they’re on Wii and even that one handheld thing some people bought. Unsurprisingly, however, SNK is finally getting on the “milk our old games bandwagon” like other publishers of their time. Thankfully, it’s to our benefit as these games are incredibly good and still aren’t all that easy to legally play outside of the original hardware.

It was announced today that Metal Slug 3 has gone into closed beta on Steam. Also, the game was announced for Steam. We’re not sure which came first, but regardless, it’s real and you can play it now. Simply beg SNK for a code on Twitter or Facebook (their words) and they might give you one. We’re hearing very positive things so far, so it might be worth losing your dignity over.

Hopefully this will be the start of a long line of Neo Geo to Steam adaptions, as King of Fighters 2000 is really expensive on AES.

Be sure to check back soon for our coverage on the release.