Battlefield 4 Fan Appreciation Month Kicks Off In February

Its been a rough couple of months for Battlefield 4 players on any platform.  Dice and EA’s big shooter was release way too early and suffered from bugs, glitches and save corruptions.  EA order all development on future DLC and games from Dice put on hold so that the company may work on fixing the game.  Today, there are still problems, but it’s getting better.  Now, Dice wants to show fans some appreciation.

Starting February 1 Dice will kick off a Fan Appreciation month for Battlefield 4 players.  “We appreciate all of the great feedback you continue to provide about all aspects of Battlefield 4,” said DICE general manager Karl Magnus Troedsson. “We take this very seriously, and hearing directly from you has helped to make the experience better.”

On weekdays, players will get free Bronze Battlepacks each day they log on.  On weekends those Bronze Battlepacks are upgraded to Silver.  Dice will hold special community events to unlock Gold Battlepacks.  The first event is a mission where players are tasked with collecting Dog Tags over a prescribed amount of time.

Shortcut bundles will also be handed out for free.  Everyone will be able to get a download that will unlock every grenade and pistol in the game.  This is optional.  Premium subscribers will also be able to unlock all DMR and Shotguns in the game.  Likewise, this is also optional.  The final gift from the developers will be a Double XP Weekend at the end of the month.

Battlefield 4 is available now for PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.