EA Publisher Sale Hits Xbox 360 Games on Demand

EA’s had a pretty good streak of games for the past generation, although they have stumbled a bit (like with BF 4’s issues). To celebrate, they’re putting some 360 stuff on sale. Need For Speed Rivals, NHL 14, and FIFA 14 can be yours for $30 each, while Crysis 3 goes down to $15 and the original Crysis will set you back $10. The original Dead Space is $10, while Battlefield 1943 is $7.50, Shank 2 is $2.50, and Skate 2 is $5. Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning is $10,  Mirror’s Edge is a mere $5, and Alice: Madness Returns is $7 while the original Alice is absolutely free now if you buy the sequel. $7 for two super-creepy games that are fairly good and memorable is a fantastic deal, and Mirror’s Edge should be checked out by anyone. If you’ve waited this long for the $30 games, you can wait a bit longer, and Shank 2 is a great buy for $2.50. Skate 2 is a solid pickup if you liked the first, but its steep learning curve means it’s not for casual skating game-players.