Nintendo DS Games Coming to Wii U Virtual Console

Given the Wii U’s painful underperformance this year, gamers and investors alike have been waiting with bated breath for Nintendo’s corporate strategy meeting. Satoru Iwata’s minutes from that meeting have just been posted online, and they make an interesting read for those who understand Japanese or are willing to decode Google Translate. Iwata said that Nintendo expects strong software sales in the coming year, and re-iterated that, while they do have plans for smart devices, they won’t be putting Nintendo games on them. There was also talk of wearable computing, because every tech company talks of wearable computing these days. Regarding their strategy for the Wii U, Iwata wants to fully exploit the advantages offered by the gamepad (which, to this point, has been under-utilized by even first-party software). In light of that, he announced that Nintendo has overcome certain technical hurdles in order to offer Nintendo DS software on the Wii U virtual console.

We can’t be sure quite what these games will look like, as so far the only image has been of Brain Age, but it seems as though the plan is to display both screens on the gamepad at once. This works for games where you hold the DS like a book, such as Brain Age and Hotel Dusk, but I’m curious to see how they’ll handle vertically-oriented titles, which make up the vast majority of the system’s library. At any rate, it will be interesting to see how this affects the Wii U, if it does at all.