‘Nowhere’ Confuses the Hell Outta Me

A while back, I was asked if I wanted to cover Nowhere (or NowHere), a self-described “Psychedelic RPG.” I sat down, and watched a video where two frightening German people spend seven minutes describing the game while explaining almost nothing. They have grand ambitions: you will take the role of an alien being (called a “Nowherian”) in a pocket dimension called “nowhere,” experiencing life from birth to death as you engage in politics and economics, shape your own destiny, and grow until you either die or become a living city. Oh, by the way, Nowherians live inside each other. Once your life is over, you reincarnate (with the possibility of interacting with your past self), and live a different life, as a soldier, perhaps, or a factory worker. Regardless, at no point will you wear a bowtie. The scary Germans made this quite clear. “Sure, sounds cool,” I said, and I was sent an alpha code.

Now I sit here, struggling for things to say about the game. What I’ve played so far is an extremely early alpha build, and all they have implemented is an interesting movement mechanic and some neat procedural landscape sculpting. Certainly a far cry from the crazy procedural RPG they have planned, but they’re getting there. It certainly looks cool, with glowing hexagons pulsing in time with trippy music. If you can say nothing else about Nowhere, it has a lot of potential pizzazz.  It’s difficult to recommend at this early stage, but the developers do need your support to make something really interesting. If you’re intrigued by the idea of playing as a truly alien alien – not like the terrestrial-looking creatures of Mass Effect – then you might want to go Nowhere fast.