Treasure Eyeing Steam for New Original Game

A few months back, Ikaruga was successfully Greenlit on Steam. Because of that small corporate triumph, Treasure is now considering developing a new original game for PC. “Who’s Treasure,” you ask? Well, first off, it’s blaspheme that you’re even posing such a question. Secondly, and more importantly though, they’re the guys best known for gems such as Guardian Heroes, Sin & Punishment and our personal favorite, Mischief Makers.

Treasure president Masato Maegawa recently sat down with Famitsu to discuss the studio’s future in the games industry. From that conversation, he said the following:

Ikaruga is the first one, and we don’t intend on stopping there There are some players who say ‘How about Radiant Silvergun?’ but we also don’t intend to only do ports. We’re thinking of making a new original title for the platform, Steam.

Interestingly enough, Maegawa made it a point to say that Treasure’s current business model is to focus on PC, as well as work on ports to later release older titles on current platforms. Be on the lookout for more Treasure goodness as news drops.