WayForward Hard at Work on a New Wonder Momo Game

Despite they’re relatively humble status, WayForward is a studio with an impressive track record. Titles such as The Boy and his Blob, Mighty Switch Force and last year’s DuckTales: Remastered are just a few games for which they are known. That being said, WayForward is also a company who likes to remaster and/or reimagine older series. Thus, today we were privy to their latest game reveal. Digging into the annals of gaming history, this time the developers have excavated a relic that hasn’t seen the light of day since 1987.

Enter Namco’s arcade game, Wonder Momo, a side-scrolling arcade beat-em-up that puts players in the role of a superhero who fights bad guys admist live stage-shows. Momo, the game’s protagonist, essentially battles wave after wave of smaller enemies before finally transforming into her alter-ego, Wonder Momo. As Wonder Momo, she brandishes a powerful energy hoop, for the rest of the stage, that helps her trounce even bigger and badder enemies. Yep. This game is clearly very Japanese. In fact, it was so Japanese that the original TurboGrafx-16 game was never released in the West.

Thus, WayForward is looking to finally bring the game stateside as reboot of the series that follows the storyline introduced in Shiftylook’s Wonder Momo 2012 webcomic. To complement the new game, a Wonder Momo anime series will also premier this year.