PS Vita Slim Lands In The UK On February 7

In October 2013 Sony introduced Japan to the brand new PS Vita Slim.  The 15% lighter and 20% thinner version of the PS Vita has increased sales in the country significantly since launch.  Today, Sony has announced that the Slim model is coming to the UK on February 7.

PS Vita PCH-2000 model, or Slim as it is commonly known, boasts a whole lot of improvements over the original model.  Aside from being lighter and skinnier, the new model also shrinks the Touchpad and increases the size of the finger-holds on the back.  Sony has also ditched the proprietary charging cables in favor of the more common micro-USB cable.  The only downside is the fact that the stunning OLED display as been replaced by an LCD screen, though Sony has assured us that it will be hard to notice any differences.

Another downside is that the PS Vita Slim is only confirmed for a UK release on February 7.  Sony has not commented on a North American release.  It also looks like we won’t be getting the different colors that Japan enjoyed.  We’ll only be getting black.

PS Vita Slim will cost £180, which rounds out to about $300 so it doesn’t look like Sony has any plans for a price cut.