Rumor: Microsoft Prepping Diskless, 1TB White Xbox One

The Microsoft leaks keep getting bigger and bigger.  If rumors are correct, we could be looking at a brand new Xbox One model releasing later this year.

NeoGaf user ntkrnl, who leaked all those upcoming Xbox One titles, has also stated that Microsoft is hard at work prepping a new Xbox One model.  This Xbox One model will be white instead of the standard black, come with a 1 TB HDD and will not have a Blu-ray Drive.  That’s right, this Xbox One will be completely diskless, supporting only digital downloads.  He also notes that it could perhaps launch at a price of $399.99, bringing the cost in line with the PS4.

A diskless Xbox One doesn’t seem that out of the ordinary.  Before the reveal of the console back in 2013, numerous rumors stated that Microsoft was going to do away with disks as a way to cut out Gamestop and other retailers.  Recently, Phil Spencer revealed that whether the Xbox One should be diskless was hotly debated up until E3 2013.  Obviously, that never happened as the current Xbox One model does have a Blu-ray Drive.  We’ll have to wait and see.

A white model of the Xbox One is real, but was only offered to Microsoft employees.

We’ll update you should Microsoft make any announcements, but we doubt they’ll have anything to say at the moment.