Sony Reveals PlayStation Plus Plans for February

PlayStation Plus has been giving out tons of fantastic deals and “free” games for the past couple of years, but February 2014 is looking like an absolute hit. Although there are only four weeks in the month, Sony is offering six big name titles for those who subscribed to the $49.99 plan.

Because the PlayStation 4 is fairly new, don’t expect more than one game a month, but February we are seeing the horror title Outlast handed out. On the PlayStation 3 side of things, Metro: Last Light, Remember Me and Payday 2 will all be available at no additional cost. Finally, Sony’s handheld continues to receive phenomenal support as Street Fighter X Tekken and ModNation Racers: Road Trip are added to the catalogue. February is already looking like a strong month with games such as Lightning Returns, Toukiden, Rayman Legends (PS4), Thief, and plenty more being released, so add on what PlayStation Plus has to offer and you’ll be quite busy for the next twenty-eight days.