Turbo Dismount: For All Your Spine-Crushing Car Smashing Needs

Remember when you used to play a game best thought of as Spectacular Crash, where you took all your toys and figured out the most chaotic way to break them?  Turbo Dismount is what happens when that idea is transformed into video game form, minus any M-80s you might have had access to.  Pick a vehicle, put a few obstacles in its way to enhance the mayhem, choose a position for the rag doll/mannequin, and send them flying through the course to suffer as much damage as possible.  The more destroyed both car and mannequin are the higher the score, and judging by the leaderboards there are some incredibly talented sadists at work in Turbo Dismount’s Early Access release.

Turbo Dismount is the newest game in a series that’s been kicking around since 2002.  The original Porrasturvat (Stair Dismount) saw you tossing a mannequin down a flight of stairs, Rekkaturvat changed the formula to ramming a truck into a wall, Kiuasturvat (Sauna Dismount) tossed the dummy onto the heat box of a sauna, and now Turbo Dismount sees the poor abused mannequin sent into a variety of levels.  Each one offers a number of variables you can play with to maximize the score, or just play with for the fun of it.  The high-speed sports car or weighty truck cab will usually give the highest scores, but how can anyone resist putting the mannequin on a tricycle and sending it into heavy traffic?  Afterwards you can rewind and watch the crash in slow motion, playing with the camera for the perfect angle on the carnage, just to see where things started to go horribly wrong.


And that’s the point of Turbo Dismount.  The score is nice, but laughing at the carnage is better.  Setting up a brick wall on a vertical surface so a roadster that’s gone over two turbo boosts to shoot straight up the 90 degree ramp meets a shower of debris?  That’s just fun to watch!  In its current state Turbo Dismount has 11 courses, 13 obstacles to place in predetermined spots on the track, and 10 vehicles to choose from.  Each track has a few different lines to hurtle down, several different camera perspectives, and other on-course variables to make each run a unique bout of mannequin evisceration.  It’s a chaotic toybox of destruction, nicely packed with goodies and with more on the way as it works its way from Early Access to eventual final release.