Pokémon X and Y Beta Competition Details Released

If you’re a Pokéfan, you may have heard about the online beta competition launching for Pokémon X and Y. Today, the official Poké-site released the details required to get yourself registered for battle. Potential participants have until February 6 to jump in on the fun. For entry consideration, simply follow the steps highlighted in orange on the online form. You’ll need a Pokémon website account in order to log-in, and once you complete the aforementioned steps and sync your game on the PGL you’ll be good to go.

The rules have been established for the competition as well, with Double Battles the only mode available. Pokémon levels will also be set to 30 by default and, other than some minor exceptions, any Pokémon with a dex number of 1-718 is eligible to participate. Exclusions include any Pocket Monsters received through the Poké Transporter, and most legendary creatures are also ineligible to join in battle. The competition will last 3 days, and according to Bulbapedia, will be held from February 21-24.

Unfortunately, only the Korean competition was detailed, so dates for other countries may vary. Additional information regarding the battles, regulations and more is available on the Pokémon website.