Guacamelee! Gold Edition on Sale via Steam For $4

Guacamelee! is a must-have for Metroidvania fans, and uses a bright visual style and tons of gaming and pop culture references, along with a lucha libre theme to create a fun experience. It controls really well and looks amazing too. It’s only been available on PC for about six months now, and can be yours for $3.74 – that’s a 75% off savings – until Sunday, February 2. After that, the price shoots back up to $15, so take advantage of this deal while you still can. If you’d prefer to get the game and its soundtrack, that will only cost you about $1 more – at $5. That’s a far better overall value since it normally goes for $20. If you’ve already got the game, but not the OST, then you can buy it separately for only $1.74 as a part of this sale.