Ring In The Chinese New Year With OMG: TD!

For those unaware today, January 31, is Chinese New Year and what better way to celebrate than playing as an ancient Chinese god.  OMG: TD! is an action-packed defense game that puts player in control of nine distinct Greek gods to blast hordes of monsters with their mystifying magic.  Today you can get a brand new god to enjoy as the Chinese New Year celebrations commence.

Cai Shen, the Chinese god of Prosperity, joins the fray as he helps the Greek gods against their war with the Titans.  Cai Shen loves his money with his three special abilities gifting the player with extra gold; Spare Change, Mr. Moneybags and Angry Gold.  Players will also get to enjoy a brand new quest focusing on accumulating 10,000 gold pieces.  Completing the quest unlocks and magic hat for Cai Shen that causes enemies to drop 20% more gold.

The update will also add three new extremely difficult levels.  You can play as any god in these levels, though Yodo1 Games recommends that players bring an extra hero to help them out.

OMG: TD! is available now and is Free-to-Play.  The game supports iPhone 4 and higher, all iPad models and iPod Touch Version 4 and higher.  You can check out the game right here.