Sony Defends Removal of OLED in Vita Slim

Sony UK Managing Director Fergal Gara backs the move to replace the original Vita’s highly touted OLED screen with a serviceable LCD screen. “When we introduced Vita with the OLED screen that was considered – and it was – the pinnacle of screen technology,” Gara says. “It was a beautiful screen and LCD at the time would have felt like a compromise.”

“What’s happened in the interim is LCD screen technology has improved significantly. Whilst some think there’s a subtle difference between the two, we think it’s relatively imperceptible.” He then notes how the LCD offers more advantages than disadvantages, detailing how the move allows for production of smaller, lighter models that still retain processing power and battery life.

The updated, but not upgraded, Vita is already available in Japan. It will release on February 7th in the UK. No word yet on a North American release.