Need for Speed Rivals Only $17 on Xbox 360 at Best Buy

Need for Speed: Rivals is the best Need for Speed game since Hot Pursuit, and trounces Most Wanted’s reboot in every way. With Ghost Games at the helm, the franchise continued to deliver exciting racing action with this installment and at a mere $17, you can’t go wrong. Sure, the 360 version may lack some of the graphical flourishes of the next-gen versions, but it’s still going to be a ton of fun and it may control better using the 360 pad than either next-gen pad. If you just want it for trade-in purposes, you can get $25 for it at Amazon, although you’re not really looking at making much money given that it’ll take either gas to get to the store or time for it to get to you – and Amazon could very well drop the price to $17 soon to match Best Buy since they do it fairly frequently.