Wall Street Journal Dedicates An Entire Article To Calling Denver Linebacker Weird For Liking Pokémon

The Super Bowl is today, and players on both teams have routines they get into to get themselves ready for games. Some players listen to music. Others exercise, or look over plays, or do whatever they can to help them relax and focus on what will be the biggest game of their life. There is really no wrong way to prepare for the Super Bowl if it works for the player. Well, I guess that is unless you are Nate Irving, in which case your hobby of choice will land you an entire article in the Wall Street Journal about what a weirdo crazy person you are.

Nate Irving disclosed to the Wall Street Journal that he will spend his free time leading up to the Super Bowl not partying or exploring in the city, but relaxing in his hotel room playing with his Jigglypuff. And no, readers of the Wall Street Journal, that is not some perverse slang that you just aren’t aware of. When asked of his plans, Nate stated that, “I’m actually going to sit in my hotel room, play my ‘Pokemon’ game,” something the Wall Street Journal found so weird that they went to great pains to point out just how much of a bizarre maniac this guy was. Nate Irving is the starting linebacker of the Denver Broncos, will play defense in the Super Bowl, and could most likely crush the entire staff of the Wall Street Journal with his right bicep if he so desired. Yet, as soon as they found out he played Pokemon, the story immediately became about what a weirdo nerd this loser was, and you could almost hear them start drawing straws to see who would get to give him the first wedgie. The following are some actual quotes from the article, which I remind you is about an athlete playing in the Super Bowl.

  • “This is Irving’s idea of fun, and it does not surprise his teammates, who say he must be the nerdiest player in Super Bowl XLVIII.”
  • “Irving spent his early childhood with his mother in Newark, where he and his friends passed time by playing football, playing “Pokemon” card games and sometimes throwing rocks at buses.”
  • “He returned to play in the 2010 and, after getting his degree in parks recreation and tourism management, was picked by the Broncos in the third round of the 2011 NFL Draft. That’s when the Broncos locker room got a little weirder.”
  • “Ayers said he once spotted Irving driving home after practice, bobbing his head up and down to music. The stereo wasn’t on.”

…ok, so maybe the dancing to imaginary music in his car is a little weird. Still, the amount of effort they put into making this guy look like a loser is astonishing. They went to multiple teamates and asked them to talk about how weird their teammate was. They made his habit seem like some sort of perverse addition, revealing that he has to hide the fact that he plays it on the team bus by lowering his head and acting like he’s asleep. Of all the addictions professional athletes have, this guy happens to suffer from a severe case of Pokémania, and he’s the one singled out by the Wall Street Journal of deserving scorn.

This is why non-gaming magazines should stay away from gaming articles. I mean, they didn’t even ask any of the important questions. For example, what Pokémon game was he playing? Who was his starter? Favorite Pokémon? And, most importantly, any chance we can get a friend code?