Gamestop And Square Enix Team Up For An Epic Reward

Are you tired of sitting around and playing video games all day? Probably not, but it would still be nice to take a trip across the world. I know, I know, that’s not an option on your salary. It’s a good thing, then, that Gamestop and Square Enix teamed up for an amazing, once in a lifetime Power Up Reward opportunity: a Final Fantasy themed trip around the world.

The world tour includes stops at the cities that inspired the regions in Final Fantasy: Lightning Returns, including Las Vegas (Yusnaan), Paris (Luxerion), Cairo (Dead Dunes), and Costa Rica (Wildlands). They don’t plan on leaving you to haggle for bread with a jar of pennies, either. The trip includes VIP excursions, shopping sprees with spending cash for each location on the roster, meals and souvenirs you can pawn off as gifts when you return home. Some “unique activities” were mentioned as well, but no additional information was provided. Here’s hoping you get to meet the real Lightning. She is real, isn’t she?

Unfortunately, only one lucky participant and a friend will be taking this all inclusive 13 day trip, so log on and get your Epic Reward on.