Nintendo Teases Mystery Box on Facebook

Nintendo of Canada has posted a mysterious ten second video on Facebook today of a mystery box — or crate, if you will. The caption reads “We found something in the Canadian wilderness! We will investigate and share more here on our page throughout the week. What could it be?” We’re not too sure ourselves, but the fact that somebody was willing to go bury a wooden crate in the snow must mean it’s something worth doing — this is Canada, after all.

So what could the mystery box be? A new Nintendo console? A delivery of new $69.99 CAD Nintendo Wii U games? A teaser for Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze? Probably that last one, but who knows! A game is a game, but the mystery box could be anything — it could even be a new game, you know how much we’ve wanted one of those!

Sound off on your guesses and view some research that’s been published on the subject below: