Paper Monsters Hits a Snag on Steam

An adorable-looking game by the name of Paper Monsters launched on Steam today for a little under $5. Developed by Mobot Studios, this platformer first saw life on Android and iOS before the PC launch. Normally, this would be the end of the story – but something appears to have gone awry.

Shortly after the game was placed on sale through Steam, publisher Crescent Moon Games posted a Twitter message stating they did not authorize the sale of Paper Monsters on Steam and that no one should purchase it. According to the game’s page the publisher is listed as Strategy First instead of Crescent Moon Games.

This is likely to cause confusion for consumers as Mobot Studios is actually in the process of upgrading Paper Monsters to Paper Monsters Recut for Steam and Wii U. The version currently on Steam is most likely a straight port. Hopefully the issue will be resolved quickly, but if Mobot Studios signed with Strategy First, it’s entirely possible the publisher was acting within their bounds by publishing the original game on Steam.

Update: Valve has pulled Paper Monsters from Steam. Those who purchased the game for the few hours it was available will still have access to it.