PS4 Camera Remains in High Demand, Selling for Three Times Retail Price

When Sony revealed that the camera for their next-gen console would be sold separately, the opposite of Microsoft’s strategy, it seemed unlikely to get much interest. After all, after Microsoft did a 180 with the Xbox One and took away the online-only and anti-used game features, the forced Kinect seemed to be the biggest talking point for Xbox detractors. The question if anybody even wanted a camera to go along with their next-gen console was a valid one. It appears, however, that the demand for one is indeed there.

The PlayStation Camera has quickly sold out at almost every major retailer, currently out of stock on GameStop and Amazon. We’ve done local searches for the peripheral as well and came up empty at every Best Buy and brick and mortar GamesStop we checked — a result that seems common across the board. As a result, prices for the accessory have sky rocketed on the secondary market, easily reaching triple its MSRP of $59.99. The lowest price for a new unit on Amazon is currently $180.99 while eBay prices are fluctuating between $110-$150.

It’s unclear whether the demand is high or the supply is low — or a combination of the two — but whatever the reason it’s clear that Sony clearly underestimated its appeal. Not only can it be used in games like the Kinect, but the camera has seen much use in Twitch’s internal streaming on the next-gen console.

It will be interesting in the coming months to see whether or not Sony ramps up productions of the units or lets the peripheral go completely.